Drysdale Landfill


One of the State’s most modern waste disposal facilities was opened by the Minister of Planning and Environment in December 1983. Environmental considerations played an important role during the planning and development of the facility. Extensive developmental works completed prior to the commencement of disposal operations included the construction an access road and two large dams, erection of office and plant buildings, placement of piezometers to monitor groundwater activity, planting of over 4,500 native trees and external road construction.

Method of Disposal – Cells or trenches up to two metres deep are excavated for filling with waste which is covered daily by the traxcavator. This daily covering and the prohibiting of fires results in an efficient method of disposal with no smoke, odour, or vermin. Cells are then constructed above ground with a minimum of 1.5 m. consolidated clay forming an enclosed unit to prevent the escape of leachate. Each of the three stages of the operation will result in a final profile of a 20 metre lift from the natural surface. The quarry will be the last stage of disposal giving a total expected life span for the site of thirty years.

Capital costs in establishing the site were approximately $400,000.


The commencement of disposal operations at Founds Road was an ideal opportunity for the Shire of Bellarine to introduce a recycling program. Alcoa, being Council’s largest ratepayer and A.C.I. assisted with the establishment of the recycling, which currently includes:

Aluminum Cans               Alcoa cash-a-can centre where cans are purchased from the public.

Oil                                        A bulk tank for those doing home servicing.

Bottles                                 Beers, stubbies and returnables.

Glass                                    Broken to form cullet in three colours.

Clothing                               Brotherhood of St. Lawrence bin.

Paper                                   Newsprint

Tree                                     Branches Turned into mulch and sold to the public or used by Council’s Parks Department.

Car Bodies                          Stacked for collection as scrap.

Heavy metal                      Engine blocks, plate, angle, etc.

An extensive publicity campaign was run by Council to encourage all residents to participate in the recycling program and the results to date are very promising. A trial door to door recycling program commenced recently, and if sufficient support is given to the trial a regular door to door collection may result.


The Drysdale Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre is open 7 days per week. Four men are engaged in the operation. Disposal costs for 1987/88 are estimated to be $356,400.

Total tonnage deposited per annum is estimated to be in the order of 45,000 tonnes. The disposal cost is much higher than that of previous methods used but with the policy of Council and the conditions set down by the various Government Departments the environmental impact on the surrounding area is minimal.

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