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FAQs – Planning Scheme Amendment process
Drysdale Bypass
What is a Planning Scheme?
A planning scheme is a legal document which regulates the use, development and protection of land in a certain area.
The City of Greater Geelong is covered by the Greater Geelong planning scheme. This includes zones such as residential and industrial, as well as things like heritage protection overlays.
The Greater Geelong Planning scheme also includes a Public Acquisition Overlay for the Drysdale Bypass, which
gives the government the right to acquire land for the purpose of building the bypass. This has been in place
since 1983.
Who and what is affected by a planning scheme?
A planning scheme is generally binding on all people and corporations, on every Minister, government department,
public authority and local council.
How can a planning scheme be changed?
If the ·local council or a public authority wants to alter the planning scheme, they must make a Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA). PSAs must be done through the PSA process and are approved by the Minister for Planning.
The minister can appoint a public authority, such as VicRoads, to be the authority responsible for the PSA.
What is the Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) process?
The PSA process is set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987.
Amendments to the planning scheme have significant planning implications and affect the wider community
because they change the way land can be used or developed, and change the basis for making planning
decisions in the future. vicroads. vic.gov. au
An amendment to the scheme involves consultation with all the parties who may have an interest in the amendment, or
may be affected by it. Usually, an amendment is placed on public exhibition for at least one month. Members of the
public can make submissions to VicRoads regarding the amendment.
Before an amendment can be prepared it must be placed on public exhibition and authorised by the Minister for
An amendment becomes part of the planning scheme when it is approved by the Minister and notice is given in the
Victoria Government Gazette.
Why is VicRoads proposing a PSA for the Drysdale Bypass?
VicRoads is proposing to prepare an Amendment to the
Greater Geelong planning scheme in relation to the
Drysdale Bypass.
Due to changes to road design standards and abutting land
use, the Public Acquisition Overlay that is in place for the
Drysdale Bypass no longer includes all the land necessary
to construct the Bypass to today’s standards.
The Proposed PSA seeks to expand the existing Public Acquisition Overlay in select locations along the bypass
route. It also seeks exemptions from permit requirements in relation to various planning scheme controls, such as the
need for building permits and the removal of native vegetation.
The PSA process is an opportunity for the community to provide their feedback. and get actively involved in the
Drysdale Bypass projects
Who should make a submission regarding the Drysdale
Bypass PSA?

Anyone can lodge a submission about an amendment. This can include anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by the changes to the Planning Scheme proposed in the amendment.
A submission must be made in writing and include the submitter’s name, address email and phone number. Even
if you have raised your concerns verbally with VicRoads, you must provide a written submission for it to be formally
considered in the PSA process.
What should I put in my submission?
Your submission should include:
• Whether you support or oppose the amendment
• The grounds on which you support or oppose the
• Any changes that you wish to be made to the
• Whether or not you would be prepared to present to
the independent panel at a planning panel hearing.
The PSA process is designed to determine whether the Drysdale Bypass is appropriately located and has
acceptable impacts to adjacent land use. There may be issues you have with the project that do not relate directly
to the PSA and land use. These issues can still be raised with VicRoads separately to your PSA submission.
Who reviews the submissions?
VicRoads will consider and review all submissions and work with submitters to resolve issues.
What if VicRoads cannot resolve my issues?
If there are submissions which cannot be resolved by the planning authority (in this case VicRoads ), the Minister for
Planning will appoint an independent panel to consider unresolved submissions. The panel is independent and its
main role is to review the submissions and provide advice to VicRoads and the Minister.
Who are the members of the Independent Panel?
Panel members are appointed from Planning Panels Victoria and are experienced planners and other
professionals with skills relevant to the particular amendment.
Members of the Panel are required to declare that they have no conflict of interest.
What is the purpose of the Panel Hearing?
The Panel Hearing is an opportunity for people who lodged
a formal submission to present their case, including by
providing documentation, calling any witnesses or
responding to any statements.
What happens after the Panel Hearing?
The Panel will review all of the submissions and materials presented and prepare its report. Preparation of the report
usually takes six to eight weeks. The panel report makes a recommendation about the amendment. The panel report
must be made public 28 days after VicRoads receives it. VicRoads will consider the panel report and determine
whether to make any changes to the proposed amendment. VicRoads will then request that the Minister for Planning
approve the amendment, including any changes made by VicRoads in response to the panel report.
When will Bypass construction works start?
Following planning approvals, construction of the Bypass is expected to commence in 2018.
How can I get more information?
We can talk you through the process – please don’t hesitate to contact us.
For further information about the planning process, visit
http://www.dtpli .vic.gov.au/planning
For more information about the Drysdale Bypass Project,
call: 03 4243 3800, email drysdalebypass@roads.vic.gov.au or visit 174 – 212
Colac Road, Highton (opposite Bunnings Waurn Ponds) or
visit www.vicroads.vic.gov .au

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