Girl Guides

1921 – Guiding officially commenced in Geelong on July 12th at Geelong Church of England Girls Grammer School “The Hermitage” by the head mistress, Miss Morres.

1927 – Barwon Division formed in February.
First Division Commissioner was Mrs. Howard Hitchcock

1930 – The Districts formed a guard of honour at the Showground’s for Miss Amy Johnson – famous female aviator (pilot).
1st Queenscliff Company opened.

1931 – Ranger Patrol attached to 1st Queenscliff started on 6th August.
1st Barwon Heads Company started 8th August.

1932 – “Bungarra” campsite at Ocean Grove officially opened May 7th, a gift of Mr. Robert Purnell Senior.

1933 – 2nd Queenscliff Company opened.

1939 – Old Guides Association formed in April by past members – this group became the Geelong branch of Victorian Trefoil Guild in 1949.

1947 – Guide / Scout Rally, was held on Geelong College oval to welcome Lady Baden Powell.

1949 – Guides & Brownies, Scouts & Cubs joined to welcome Empire Chief Scout Lord Rowallan on March 28th.

1953 – 1st Ocean Grove Guide Company registered 25th May.

1954 – 1st Ocean Grove Brownie Pack started 17th September.

Guides & Brownies gathered in Johnstone Park for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II.

1957 – Guide Hall in Myers Street officially opened February 22nd by Lady Brooks.

1st Drysdale Guide Company registered 23rd August. The captain was Mrs. Catherine Wheatley. The club disbanded 1972 and Re opened 28th June 1976.

1st Drysdale Brownie Pack started 3rd December. The Brown Owl was Beryl Hickman.

A visit to Australia by Lady Olave Baden Powell, co-founder of the Girl Guide Movement and World Chief Guide, was an exciting event for Guides and Brownies of the Division; they boarded buses early one morning to travel to Lancefield to meet Lady B.P.

1957 – First company photograph of the 1st Drysdale Girl Guide Company taken

1958 – 1st Leopold Brownie Pack registered 8th September.

1959 – 1st Portarlington Pack started 2nd October.

1st Portarlington Company registered 7th November.

“Tallawalla” campsite at Moggs Creek opened by Mrs. Fairbairn on February 21st.

“Bungarra” campsite Ocean Grove sold.

Mrs. Deeath
Mrs. Eva Deeath was a guide leader at Drysdale from 1960, to about 1972. During the 12 years she was a leader, she did many things for the district, including organizing fundraising for Inter state camps, projects with the elderly and disabled, and other community based work.
Even after she had stopped being a leader, Mrs. Deeath still involving herself with Guiding. Up until her death, Mrs. Deeath would join the Guides on Christmas eve as they travelled around the local area, singing Christmas carols to the ill, disabled and elderly, accompanying them by playing the Piano Accordion.

1961 1st Drysdale Girl Guide company goes on its first interstate camp to Sydney

1st Point Lonsdale Pack started 15th September.

1963 – 1st Leopold Wallington Guide Company registered .

A visit by Australia’s Chief Guide Commissioner, Mrs. M Buntine, formerly Barwon Division Commissioner takes place. She took the salute at the Geelong Youth march.

1964 – 1st Point Lonsdale Company registered 3rd March.
Miss Marjorie Taylor was the first Region Commissioner.

1965 – May 17th. A tablecloth is presented to Lady Baden-Powell by the Minister for immigration, Mr. Hubert Opperman, on behalf of the Drysdale Girl Guide company. The Tablecloth was embroidered and decorated by the girls.

1966 – 1st St Leonards Company registered 19th April.
1st St Leonards Pack started 26th October.
1st Drysdale Guide company attends a demonstration camp at Brittania Park

1967 – On the 7th of February, Bushfire ravaged parts of Tasmania, including Hobart, and its surrounds. The Drysdale Girl Guides responded by holding several fundraising initiatives, including the holding of a stall, a 100 yard (approx.100 m) line of 1 cent coins, a competition, and accepting contributions from passing motorists.

1969 – Implementation Day September 23rd – change over to the 8 point programme

1970 – Committee formed to investigate possibility of a Region Brownie Cottage.

1975 – “Mirrabooka” Brownie Cottage at Ocean Grove officially opened.

1976 – Anne Mortimer (Brackley) becomes a Guide leader in Drysdale. She receives her warrant in 1977. She had become a Queens Guide in 1974

1988 Porepunka International camp in N.S.W. – 9 leaders and 42 guides attended. (Including Anne Brackley and Helen Carruthers)
1989 – First Region Lady Stradbroke Cup competition camp held at Tallawalla campsite.

Stradbroke Cup Competition Camp Winners

• 1989 – Rosella Patrol – 1st Winchelsea
• 1990 – Possum Patrol – 1st Ocean Grove
• 1991 – Koala Patrol – 1st Ocean Grove
• 1992 – Lyrebird Patrol – 1st Winchelsea
• 1993 – Daffodil Patrol – 2nd Belmont
• 1994 – Skippy Patrol– 1st Drysdale
• 1995 – Lyrebird Patrol – 1st Winchelsea
• 1996 – Heath Patrol – 1st Winchelsea
• 1997 – Tazzie Devils Patrol – 1st Drysdale
• 1998 – Yowies Patrol – 1st Belmont
• 1999 – Zzzland Patrol – 1st Drysdale and Japan Patrol – 1st Belmont
• 2000 – Witches Patrol – 1st Drysdale
• The cup is no longer awarded to an out right winner.

1989 – State gathering – Celebration of Olave Baden-Powell’s 100th Birthday on Thinking Day at Sidney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne.
1991/92 – 1st Drysdale Gumnut Guide unit Started

1992 – Drysdale Brownies received the Victorian Children’s Week Community award for the second time, in recognition of services to the public, including tree planting, and helping with the elderly. Each brownie adopted a resident of the Drysdale retirement Village, and gave their resident a gift every birthday, mothers/fathers day, and at Christmas. The residents also greatly enjoy the Brownie’s and Guide’s visit on Christmas eve, when Christmas carols were sung to them.

Mid 1990’s – A reunion is held of former Drysdale Guides from between 1957 and 1975. It was held at the Drysdale football club, and was greatly enjoyed by all 150 women in attendance.

2006 – Drysdale Senior Guide Leader Anne Brackley celebrates 30 years as a leader

2007 – Drysdale Senior & Junior Guides share a fun day at the Race Around Melbourne.
Drysdale Senior Guides celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Brownsea Island Camp with a camp of their own.

Queens Guide
– 1961 Wilma Hutchinson
– 1962 Rayna Deeath, Jeanette Williams, Lynette Nickelson, Sandra Coombs
– 1965 Ann Betts
– 1966 Heather Belfrage, Julie Gillies, Lynn Gray, Dalice Betts
– 1967 Lynette Wright, Denise Wright, Rosemary Shepherd
– 1970 Susan Gray, Margaret Belfrage
– 1971 Marion Wright, Pamela Bjork, Jennifer Edsall, Gwenyth Simons
– 1974 Anne Mortimer

• (Queens Guide Award Discontinued)
B.P Emblem Guides
– 1993 Michelle Richards, Naomi Keller
– 1994 Cindy Born
– 1996 Kelly Shearer
• (Queens Guide Award reintroduced)
Queens Guides
– 2001 Hailey Smith
– 2008 Lisa Shearer
B.P Award Guides
– 1999 Hailey Smith
– 2005 Lisa Shearer

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